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I bought my first camera a long time ago, an all plastic Kodak that used the most popular film of the day 126 and most prints were contact so they were the size of the negative. Once I found the 35mm cameras I assumed there would be no others. The first digitals were really bad! I did finally buy a Nikon D100 and since then a D3. Hate to see the end of the film camera but I think the hand writing is on the wall. Over the years I've taken a great deal of photos, some good some bad and a few that are just wonderful. All subjects are interesting as subjects but I reallly enjoy people. The true challenge is getting the emotions to show, wish I were better at it. Recently I have been taking a backup camera with me to events and letting the children use it. Fun to see the world from child level and some very interesting perspectives. Clearly there are some who have an eye for the craft.

Please enjoy the tour. For those who participate in school events, the photos are not right protected so if you see one you like of you or your team, please feel free to down load onto your computer. Doug

I live with my wife, Karen and we have been together for twenty-three years. We live in Marquette, Michigan and have four children. We have been blessed with four grand-children and you will find plenty of photos of them on this sight.

Over time I have learned one very important lesson, when it comes to photos of family and friends there is no such thing as a throw-a-way or bad photo. When a love one moves on all photos of them are priceless!